Aladdin's magical lamp

  The Tale of the Magic Lamp of Aladdin is a folk tale of ancient origin. A well-intentioned Aladdin's life changes completely when he finds an old oil lamp containing a genie. It is a popular and much loved fairy tale in the world. Once upon a time, there was an old man who lived in a kingdom in the Arabian deserts and made a living by working as a tailor, and this man had a son named Alaaddin. Aladdin went to the market with his monkey every day and cheated until the evening. he played. Seeing that his mother was very upset, Aladdin hugged her; “I don't have parents, but I do. After today, I will work in my father's shop.” said. A few days later, Aladdin started working at his father's workbench. When he said this day, one day he entered a strange foreign shop from other lands that Aladdin had not seen before and said, "Hello, Aladdin, I'm here." Said Aladdin looked at that strange man with a confused look, but he could not recognize him